Connecting systems

Products and capabilities

Design and Manufacture of Electrical Interconnection Systems (Harneses and Central Units Aerospace Sector Aircraft, Satellites and Launchers Civil and Military: 

Design of Mechanical Engineering and Production of shipped Systems, and Mechanical Assemblies. 

 Design and Production of New Generation Pipe Support for Aircraft. Embraer ERJ 145/135, Airbus Military CN-235 / C-295.BOMBARDIER CRJ-700/1000 

Competence in Fixing Aerostructures. Systems Engineering Competence of Shock and Vibrations. Calibrations.

In this way, NAVAIR contributes along with its clients, in the following steps previous to the production of aeronautical structures:

ü  Global analysis of the structures driling issues.

ü  Selection of the types of temporary fasteners an screwdrivers temporary fasteners.

ü  Supply and storage for delivery by the just in Time method.

In order to solve issues of crashes and vibrations, the first thing to do is analyze the dynamic phenomenon as a whole, then to understand the cause and interactions to finally guge the solutions.

This global approach, since its origin has been developed supported by modern conception tolos on the technical plan ( numeric simulations ), as well as the quality plan ( the ISO 9001 procedure ).

Stages to follow:

ü  Global analysis and vehavior simulation or the structure in a reality context, measured or specified.

ü  Establishment of a needed technical specification for protection against the shocks and the vibrations and the study of a solution.

ü  Selection of the most adapted technology for the suspensión ( spring, metalic cable, tires, … ) and finding or conceiving a standard or specific product according to the client ,s needs.

ü  Final simulation of the proposed solution and contingent validity test on prototypes.

ü  Trial assessment in laboratory or “ in situ “.

ü  Surveillance and control of the situation results thanks to a full range of inspector.

Since 1993, NAVAIR represents and supplies all of the absorbers for SOCITEC in Spain and Portugal. Offering the best quality with over 30 years experience and a production workshop certified by ISO 9001.