Connecting systems

Goals and values.


Our target is to achieve excellence, as a preferred supplier and most trusted, for the integration of mechanical equipment and for the production of harnesses and interconnection systems. We, being leaders in our specialties, we define the future of our activities in the sectors: Space, Air, Naval and Military sectors.


The team of men and women, who integrate NAVAIR, is guided by the following values:  Commitment, Quality and Innovation. This is how we want our to be percived. We strive for these values are shown in each of our actions and decisions. We belive that practicing them creates long-term benefits for: customers, suppliers, employees and partners of NAVAIR. 

We guarantee customers´ satisfaction and we believe in the importance of respecting the needs of our customers, listen to their advice and actively participate in their expectations. Each of their requests is treated with the sole purpose of fulfilling it and offering the highets warranty in the fulfillment of the requirements demanded.